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Individual Counseling

Guided Restoration is committed to establishing a professional relationship with clients to help them explore any current or long-standing issues that may be hindering their well being. Professional counseling services are available to adults.

Using the one-on-one confidential process the professional counselor facilitates the client in cultivating wholeness and wellness, including the management of a healthy state of mind. This process requires active participation, although different, from both parties: the client and counselor. The client, guided by the counselor, will explore feelings, ideas, choices, and relationships. The client’s past and current life circumstances will be dealt with as well. The client and counselor will partner in identifying unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns, in order to promote a self awareness and establish new ways of handling life’s challenges.

Guided Restoration encourages individuals to view this process as a worthy long term investment where emotional healing and well being are treasured.

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