Individual Counseling

Guided Restoration is committed to establishing a therapeutic relationship with you in order to help explore any current or long-standing issues that may be hindering your well being. Our professional counseling services are available to children, adolescents, and adults. 

The counselor’s intent is to partner with the you to create a safe space to promote healing. You, guided by the counselor, will explore feelings, ideas, choices, communication styles, and relationships. The counselor will help you in identifying unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns that may be hindering you, in order to, promote a self-awareness and establish new ways of handling life’s challenges. With children and adolescents, participation requires parental collaboration.

Partnership Counseling

Guided Restoration offers premarital and marital counseling to support with resolving conflicts and dynamics that are hindering the restoring and strengthening of your relationship. This counseling extends to those seeking to establish and maintain a healthy committed, non-marital relationship.   

Partnership counseling provides an opportunity for two individuals in a committed relationship to address relational concerns in a safe and neutral space. Together you may explore, but not be limited to, communication styles, family dynamics, life transitions, infidelity, child rearing, blending of families, individual and relationship goals, relational roles, and acceptance of differences. The intention of the counselor is to identity the breakdown in the partnership as well as the partnership mindset. We will aim to rebuild based on the strengths of the individuals in order to promote the development of new skills and approaches to maintain a healthy, caring relationship. 

Transitional Coaching

Guided Restoration offers guided support that will assist individuals in identifying their strengths and weaknesses in preparation for greater personal and professional opportunities. These sessions incorporate therapeutic techniques and methods as well as faith-based principles. Transitional coaching is not counseling, but an interactive process intended to guide the individual through a life transition(s) fostering new beginnings. Guided Restoration will assist in helping you organize your thoughts, establish a practical plan, and promote a self exploration process that will bring to life the parts of yourself that you have forgotten. Guided Restoration’s intent is to have your purpose and goals realized as you make transitions throughout life.

Wellness Groups

Guided Restoration is committed to facilitating an opportunity for individuals to cultivate a sense of wholeness and wellness. The wellness groups focus on restoring and maintaining a healthy state of mind, body, and soul. The groups are designed to motivate, empower, and enhance knowledge for pursuing a fulfilling lifestyle. Diverse group topics are identified based on the the personal and professional needs of the community. Seize an opportunity to enhance your way of living.   

Contact us at Guided Restoration to find out upcoming groups at 281-317-7840 or

Telehealth Services

Guided Restoration provides Telehealth services to clients which allows the therapist to diagnose, consult, treat and educate using interactive audio, video or data communication regarding your treatment. Your signature gives consent to participate in psychotherapy via telephone or the internet (hereinafter referred to as Telehealth) with the therapist listed below. However, the therapist reserves the right to refuse this platform if it is not in the client’s best interest. You have a right to confidentiality with Telehealth under the same laws that protect the confidentiality of your medical information for in-person psychotherapy. However, please note that there are unique risks to Telehealth, including but not limited to, the possibility that therapy sessions or other communication regarding your treatment by your therapist to others could be accessed by unauthorized persons as well as disrupted or distorted due to technical failures and/or environmental interruptions.

LPC Supervision

LPC Supervision

Rae Garr is a Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor has served as a  licensed counselor since 2006 and licensed as a supervisor since 2014. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of St. Thomas and her Master of Arts in Psychology from Houston Baptist University. During her more than 20 years of experience, she has worked with clients in various capacities and diverse settings including; private practice, non-profit agencies, churches, and  school districts.  In her training and experience, she has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and couples.  She began as an intern working at Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC). This ignited the passion to understand the facets of trauma and the importance of effectively training others.

Counseling  affords Rae the opportunity to operate within her purpose of fostering healing in others. As a Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor, she delights in the privilege to teach , mentor, develop, and train future counselors.  If you are seeking a supervisor, we welcome you to send your resume to  Let us know if we can support you in your journey.