About GR

Mission Statement

Guided Restoration was established on the premise that each of us has gifts to give and receive from others. The guiding principle is not to always hear from the experts, but from everyday personal experiences of diverse individuals.

Guided Restoration functions as a vessel for individuals to find a safe place of refuge where they can be heard or offered a compassionate voice of reason during a time of chaos. The time that is invested can enlighten one’s understanding and acceptance of differences; in turn, gaining a respect for the whole person. This opportunity affords individuals the space to heal and restore to a sense of wholeness and wellness.

Guided Restoration has a responsibility to perpetuate awareness, action, and acknowledge universal connections with other individuals. Guided Restoration encourages and believes you have the ability to bring about change not only in your own life, but in the lives of those around you.

Kindest Regards-

Rae Alysia Garr

Reflections of Hope and Healing
A unique twelve-week devotional journal intended to awaken the heart through the use of poetry.